There are a gang of JET participants in Nagasaki Prefecture that like to create content about the interesting lives they lead.  Check them out!

Blogs by current Nagasaki JETs

Flipi Poggenpoel – Omura City ALT

Matt Vespestad – Nagasaki Prefectural ALT

Mireille Seguin – Nagasaki Prefectural ALT

Renae Townsend – Nagasaki Prefectural ALT

Will Morgan – Nagasaki Prefectural CIR

Yukunerk Kay West – Nagasaki Prefectural ALT

 Youtube videos/channels by Nagasaki JETs

Flaming Geek – A YouTube channel by Ashley Ogwal-Bernard, an Omura ALT

Flipi Portman – A YouTube Channel by Flipi Poggenpoel, an Omura ALT

Mayllie – A YouTube Channel by Lindsey Brelsford, a Nagasaki City ALT

Content from former Nagasaki JETs

Chow down with Chad – A food channel made by a few Nagasaki City ALTs

Claire Hallmark Stolp – Blog by a Nagasaki City ALT

Naomi Louise Jenkins – Blog by a Nagasaki City ALT

Will Breckenridge – Blog by a Goto City ALT