Former PAs

These are the bios of our former PAs. We are so grateful for their hard work as PAs over the years, and wish them best of luck in the future!

ALT Prefectural Advisor:

Cassandra Fegert


Cassandra is a 4th year ALT from New York City. She spent her first two years as an ALT in a chilled out high school in Sasebo before moving to Nagasaki City to become the ALT PA. On Mondays, she works at the High School Education Division at the Nagasaki Prefectural Office. During the rest of the week, you’ll find her on the steep slopes of Nagasaki City, teaching at an academic high school.

CIR Prefectural Advisor:

Dominic Balasuriya


Dominic is a 5th year CIR from Sydney, Australia. He spent his first three years as an ALT at a high school in Tsushima, a tiny island in Nagasaki. Currently, he works for the International Affairs Division at the Nagasaki Prefectural Office.