Hobby Spotlight Series

Welcome to Hobby Spotlight, a new blog series on the Nagasaki JET website. This series features Nagasaki JETs talking about their hobbies and projects, from writing books to yosakoi. They detail how they’ve gotten involved in their communities, discovered new passions, completed impressive projects, and just generally had fun or exciting experiences. Read on to discover more about the cool hobbies and interests of Nagasaki JETs, and maybe you’ll be inspired to try something new yourself!

  • Being a PoC in Japan: Dominic

    1 Jul 2019 by

    “Where are you from? India, right?” “Oh, no, I’m actually Australian.” “Oh, really!” I’ve had this conversation many times since I moved to Japan. Meeting someone for the first time, it’s natural that they’d be curious. One look at my face, and it’s obvious I’m not Japanese. Where am I from, then… India? Sometimes they… Read more

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