LGBTQ+ Resources

Stonewall Japan


The Fukuoka Rainbow Parade has been held every year since November 2014. It’s low-key and friendly and a lot of fun! The website is mostly in Japanese, but there is some English.


  • Bar Liberty (Nagasaki City)
    • Gay men’s bar. Bartender is nice, and there may be few foreigners.
  • Ban Ban (Nagasaki City)
    • Gay men’s bar. Slightly older crowd.
  • Bar Gugu (Nagasaki City)
    • Gay men’s bar. Welcoming. Slightly older crowd.
    • 長崎県長崎市浜口町1-10小松ビル2F
  • @home (Fukuoka)
    • Women-only bar. It’s small but quite nice.
  • LOL101 (Fukuoka)
    • For women. Usually packed during the weekends, but has a youthful crowd.
  • Luv-dancin’ (Fukuoka)
    • Women-only club events around Fukuoka
    • Similar to and connected with Luv-dancin’.
    • Join the CRUSH LINE group for updates.
  • Cindy’s Getaway (Sasebo)
    • Owned by a lesbian, lgbtq+ friendy bar in Sasebo
    • Crowd is usually a lot of U.S. navy people 
    • Has a pride event every summer
    • 9-10 Tokiwacho, Sasebo, Nagasaki 857-0053

Gay community centre

Haco (Fukuoka)

Phone apps

  • Spindle Twitter-like social network app used by women and some trans men.
  • Jack’d For men. Popular in Japan, most local profiles will be in Japanese.
  • 9Monsters For men. Popular in Japan, mostly in Japanese. Has a game aspect.
  • Grindr & Tinder are used too.
  • HER For women. Used more frequently in big cities.

Mental health resources

Here are some websites about LGBTQ specific mental health resources. For general mental health resources, click here.