Physical Health

For English-speaking doctors in Nagasaki, try these two resources:

1. AMDA International Medical Information Center: Help find medical providers in Japan who can speak English (or several other languages if needed) and free medical telephone interpretation.

2. Japan Healthcare Info ( and For help finding English-speaking doctors, try using Japan Healthcare Info. If you tell them specifics in an email, they will try to find a doctor in whatever price range, area of expertise etc. that you need. They can even make an appointment for you (for about 1100 yen). This is a great and free resource to find healthcare of all kinds. Just be aware that there might not be any English-speaking doctors who meet your criteria in your area, so you may have to compromise on something like prices/rates or travel out of your area.

LIST OF ENGLISH SPEAKING DOCTORS IN NAGASAKI {for gynecologists click here and for sexual health click here}

This list is currently empty! If you have a doctor you would recommend, please email to add them to the list.