Sending money home

There are several ways in which you can send money home. It is up to you to choose the most convenient and/or affordable option. My advice is to have someone with you the first time at least, if you are not fluent in Japanese, as these things are inevitably more lengthy and complicated than you anticipate.

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  1. Transfer WiseThe transfer fee is approximately 1% of the amount you transfer but there is a minimum fee of ¥500. In addition they use a mid market exchange rate.

    This is the most popular method among most JETs. If you use someone’s referral code, you get a free transfer and they get a kickback too, so ask your senpais if you need a code! Here is a PDF with step-by-step instructions AND PICTURES! It doesn’t get easier than this.

how to transferwise updatd 10.10

  1. GoRemit

Print off the forms, fill them out, and send them in (they even include an envelope!). Wait 7-10 days. When your service is ready, you will be sent an envelope with all you need in both English and Japanese (in case you need a bank teller to help you at the ATM!) If there are mistakes, they will send the application back and direct you to fix them. If not, you will receive a packet with all the information you need to make the remittance from you local bank`s ATM. GoRemit charges 2000 yen for this service, plus the difference in exchange rates AND any fees from intermediary banks along the way. Funds will usually arrive within 3 business days (if you remit before 3 PM, after it adds a day).

2. Post Office

Paper International Money Orders

For those who have probably never done a paper money order, it is relatively simple. You go in and fill out a form which is in Japanese and English. Tell them how much money you want the person on the other end to get in the target currency. The post office will calculate the exchange rate and charge 2000 yen (to America) or 2500 yen (Other countries) for this service. You will need to pay to post this paper money order separately. People in your home countries should be able to cash them at post offices or your home bank (and thus you can send them directly to your home bank in your name/address associated with the bank account, but make sure to sign the back first!)

OR Electronic Money Orders directly to a bank account. 

The second option is similar to the first, but you will give the post office cash (or they can take the money if you have a Japan Post bank account) and they will electronically wire it to the bank account you designate. You will need to know the target bank`s BIC/IBAN/SWIFT code for this to work, depending on the country. The fees remain the same for this service (2000/2500 yen), but no need to post anything separately.

The exchange rate is reportedly a little more favourable than GoRemit.

Click on the links to go to the webpages for both GoRemit and Transfer Wise. Here is some additional information for alternative methods:

HOW TO: Transfer money to and from Japan.